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Wireless Outdoor Speakers

Rick Hughes

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Now that I've gone "wireless" with LOR ... it would be great to be untethered from the stereo receive for the audio.

Anyone care to share their experience with wireless speakers?
* Any conflicts with LOR EasyLinker
* Any issues with range being less than the manufacturer claimed?
* Any issues with volume not loud enough?

I see several brands / models which would run about $100 for the pair, which is kind of tempting.

Thanks ...

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I have thought about wireless speakers or just indoor/outdoor speakers, but started thinking about my neighbors having to listen to the music everytime the show played that made me go with the fm transmitter instead. Plus the music is always the right volume as the listener inside of the vehicle decides for themselves what is good of them.

Though I don't get a lot of traffic, I would think the fm transmitter would keep people, especially little ones, away from traffic as people driving up or away from the display may not be watching for foot traffic as they should be. Just my two cents.

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