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Hello all,

I have been away from LOR for far too long (15 years possibly) and don’t really know the full capabilities of the current hardware and software. I’m hoping someone can provide some guidance. I am a middle school band director and my goal is to incorporate smart rgb lighting into our gymnasium concert setups. Is there tech out there (LOR preferred as I would like to network with the equipment I already have) that would allow me to have about 18-20” of smart rgb ribbon light on each music stand without having to cable each stand together? I don’t want my students to have to navigate cabling along with the chairs, music stands, etc. It’s tight quarters and some mobility of stands is required. An ideal solution would have each stand/lightstrip powered by its own usb power bank. Am I dreaming or could this actually be done?

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I respectfully suggest that you watch the video tutorials supplied by LOR. That should being you up too speed on the capabilities of the LOR equipment. As for the music stands, if its just a need for illumination, there's lots of battery operated LED lights that can clamp onto the stand. Personally, I think the capability to change the colors in not a good idea as some colors can create an issue for sheet music being read by different people. Some people are colorblind. Plus, changing the color of the illumination on the stand, can cause disruptions as the brain tries briefly to compensate. Now for stage lighting, you can outline, create whatever surrounds you wish and you can set whatever colors you desire but don't mess with the musician's view of the sheet music.

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