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Pixel Icicles setup driving me crazy


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I am adding 15x7 pixel icicles this year. I set them up as an icicle prop which seems pretty straight forward. But the sequencer seems odd, the r and  c are reversed plus after row 7 it gets weird. The wiring and layout views appear correct but when I play the preview is also sorta weird. I am at a loss. Attached are screen shots. I humbly welcome any suggestions.


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Just learning more of pixels...but you have carry over of channels...which I believe need to be placed onto another Universe. If Universe can only have a max of 512...the 118 will have to be placed on another universe....usually the next in line. Hope this helps.


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Page one of your document shows you starting at Universe 11 channel 318 and page 2 shows starting at Universe 10 channel 1.  I don't see what you mean about Row and column being reversed - seems logical to me.

What pixel controller are you using?  I see you have max channels set to 512 - which is within the DMX spec, but some pixel controllers and some software that can't handle having a pixel splitting universes.  Usually results in a color change at the Universe change.  And yes, carrying over a prop into another universe is fine.  I have one prop that takes 72 universes.



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