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Eagerly waiting for the baby to arrive!

Tom Mellon

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Hi all, first year with LOR. I've been looking at it for a couple of years now and after seeing and reading about everyone's displays and all the fun involved I decided to take the plunge.

Any day now we should be the proud parents of a healthy baby 30amp 16 channel controller. After the sequencing I've done and time of year, it's not going to crawl and will definitely go straight to running! Thankfully I took the advice of everyone here and downloaded the trial software to get me started. 4 songs done and I'm sure I'll have more before the season is over. I've completed the setup outside with approximately 4000 lights. Includes C9's, LED's and 5 mini trees. FM transmitter as well. It's amazing the amount of prep I was able to get done just reading through this forum. Awesome resource of information.

Anyway, just wanted to say Hi and I'm I'm sure I'll have a load of questions over the next little while.

Go luck to all on opening night!:)

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