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Anyone have any good Christmas PSA's


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Just curious if anyone has any good Public Service Announcements (PSA) they broadcast at the beginning and ending of their shows...

You know like WELCOME to our show......

Have a Merry Christmas , Be courteous to our neighbors.....

Something semi proffessional that anyone would be willing to share...

Just curious..

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I use Audacity to make my radio spots. It's quick and simple. I posted the following on PlanetChristmas to share my ides for others.

I make my own radio spots (voice overs) and have read some of the threads on making/purchasing radio spots. I though I would start a thread that allowed everyone to share their ideas on what to say...

I have the typical don't play the radio too loud, block driveway, ect.... The remaining radio spots (bumper style) start with "106.7 fm Bumble Radio" then have some sort of one liners;

....Christmas light extravaganza or fire hazard, you decide.

....we've been flaunting elf labor laws for years.

....making the hamster work overtime at the power station.

....don't worry, we have the fire department on speed dial.

....we won't lower our standards, so up yours.

....Hey ACLU, merry Christmas.

...mistletoe, friendly invitation, or assault charge?

...do thes lights make my porch look fat?

And for Halloween I use "106.7 fm Psycho Radio";

...we're crazy about Halloween, but we take medication for it.

...we've been killing out competition for years, but that's not an admission of anything.

...since our health insurance covers elector shock therapy, I can go as often as I like.

...we'd kill to get our rating up, no really we mean it.

...I practice how to slip out of my restraints while the guards aren't watching.

Feel free to use any of these, and please share your ideas for others to use.

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