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Found a Bluey seq on Fbook in Xlights…struggling to convert to LOR S5


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Hi all,

I found a Bluey sequence on fbook in the Xlights forum, which I’d love to add to my show this year. I really just want the pixel matrix and music, but I can delete the rest and make it my own once I get it into S5.

I managed to convert the file from an Fseq to an LMS in Xlights, but then I couldn’t get it to open properly in S5. Actually, the file opened with the music fine, but there’s nothing on any of the channels. 

I think I’m screwing up the initial step in LOR. I chose my preview in the dialog box, but then it showed 31,000 empty channels. When I auto configured them, it opens in LOR with a red, green, and blue channel for each prop. But there’s nothing on any of the channels. (See pics in Dropbox link)




Any ideas?


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Problem solved!

They had included the matrix movie as a .mp4, so I converted it to a .wmv and added it to an existing preview as a matrix. Resolution not great, as my matrix is 2” spacing, but it’s good enough.

Someday I’ve got to learn how to convert from Xlights and map to LOR, though. Lots of great sequences available that I’d love to add to my show.


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