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lights on 1/4 power

Paul Mesaros

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Has anyone had a problem with leds, c6, rope, and mini lights staying on at about 1/4 power? I ran a complete show last night (8 songs) and everything worked and looked great. When the show was over, computer off and everything done for the night, I went outside about 1 hour later just to take a look around and I see 4or5 different set of lights still glowing. Some the entire set looked like it was still on, and some just part of the string was still on. Example-- 60 light C6 string, 15 bulbs in the middle of the string was still glowing, bright enough to make you think it still as power going to it. Anyone have any ideas on what my problem might be? Last year I had 2 LOR controllers, 32 chanels, no problems. I added 2 more controller this year 64 chanels. Ideas needed. Please and Thank You Paul

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