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Superstar sequence for generic DMX strips as a sub-sequence won't run properly in S6


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So, everything worked fine in S4. 77 channel Halloween show with 8 DMX strips around garage doors/roofline. 

I only upgraded to S5 and then S6 in the last month or so.

I imported my visualizer file into S6 previewer. I have made any changes etc. that might have been necessary.

Everything runs properly in SuperStar ( I have my DMX strips sequenced in SuperStar using a visualizer file from S4 which I then export and play as a sub-sequence)

and also the entire sequence runs properly in the Previewer as well. 

When I run the actual show the regular lights run fine but the DMX strips just freak out and don't play properly at all. I have tried adjusting my Preview file multiple times now trying different settings

and nothing works.

I even wrote a brand new Preview file without importing my old one and I get the same problems. 

I can test all my lights, both on the Reg. network and the DMX e1.31 in the Control Panel Hardware Utility and everything shows connected properly.

I can't figure out for the life of me what I'm doing wrong.

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So I believe I have figured out a fix.
I have always exported my SuperStar files in Legacy format because I don't have any of the next gen controllers and I'm using a generic DMX setup, not the LOR
branded one so I tried exporting the sequences in the "new intensity format" instead from SuperStar and what do you know, it worked.
At least for one sequence so far but I believe this will be the fix for all of them.
Hope this question/answer helps anyone else who may run into this same issue.
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