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Splitting a string of pixels to 2 different props


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Can I split, as an example, a pixel string of 100 pixels between 2 props such that the first prop gets the first 70 pixels and the second the remaining 30 pixels? These pixel quantities are arbitrary. 

One of the props is a constant ON animation during the length of my show, the other is programmed to follow the music.

The way I have it set-up presently is both props on the same controller string with different starting and ending pixel numbers. I have this set up with 2 different controllers, one is a Pixie 2 and the other a CB100D. These are completely different sets of props. Neither set seems to work properly. The second prop in each set is the one that malfunctions.

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Give us more details on what you are doing.

Did I read it correctly that you have two controllers with the same Unit ID?


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No, each controller has its own Unit ID. 

Specifically, I have a Pixie 2 controller set in, I believe, Dual Normal, that is 2 Unit IDs. Same with the CB100D.

String one is 100 pixels and does Eaves and Gutters to its Left.

String 2 is set for 150 pixels, with the last 50 power injected. The first 123 pixels are on the gutters and eaves to the right.  These have a 10 foot extension wired in the cut between pixels. The remaining 27 pixels make up part of a Boscoyo snowflake.

Then I have a CB100D powering the rest of the required 96 pixels. String 1 has 50 pixels. String 2 has pixel 1 through 19. I then cut and extended the 50 pixel string to a small Boscoyo snowflake to finish up.

In both cases of the cut and extended strings the last parts are those that don't work correctly. HU will drive all of them correctly in test mode.  

I hope I haven't created too much mud for you to understand.


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I have this set up with 2 different controllers, one is a Pixie 2 and the other a CB100D.

You can split the String on the same Controller Port - thus Port 1 can control Pixels on (Prop A) 1-75 and on (Prop B) 76-150

Here I have four Props (40 Pixels each) on the same Pixie Port (Unit ID)


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