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Bug Report - 6.0.10 Show Player problem (Resolved)


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OK, this one may get complicated.

I run an evening and an overnight year round landscape lighting show.  I installed 6.0.10 on my server (what runs the show during the off season) Friday night, and both nights, have had player problems.  The evening show starts at 1600 and then waits for a trigger to start playing.  The trigger is a light sensor that detects that it is getting dark.  This part is working fine.  On the weekends, the evening show runs until 2300 and then the overnight show starts.  The overnight show is a small subset of the lights used in the evening show.  I was still up at midnight and was surprised to see the lights from the evening show still running - complete with the interactive sequences that triggered when I walked outside.  I fired up the LOR app on my phone (updated yesterday) to see what the status was, and it showed that the evening show was running with a show time from 1600 - 2300 (it was about 2355 that I was doing this), and the next show was the relay pulser "show" at 0745.  The overnight show was not listed.  In the section that shows future shows, the evening and overnight shows were properly listed every night for the next week.  But the overnight show that should have been running was not listed.

So, this morning (as I did yesterday with similar results) I remoted into the server to see what was going on.  Short version is that the player had problems accessing the LOR show files starting in the middle of the night.  Upon checking, I could not access the show files from Windows Explorer.  I need to explain this part.  On all three computers at the house with LOR software, the LOR software is using a mapped network drive of L:\ which is really D:\Shared\LOR on the file server.  Since I am running the off-season show from the file server, it is mapping to itself.  However, when I attempted to select any of the mapped network drives from the server (there are four of them for various purposes), I was getting an error message that there were no resources available to service the request.  If I directly went to D:\Shared\LOR, there was not a problem accessing the files.  I could also access the LOR show files from my sequencing computer.  I looked at system resources in Task Manager and did not see anything overly exciting, nor did I see anything that piqued my attention in the Windows Event Viewer.  A reboot of the server solved the problem yesterday, and I assume it will today.  Note that it took several hours to complete the reboot.

I captured player log files from both yesterday and this morning and will post links to them after the server reboots.

My first gut feeling is a memory leak, but I can't prove that.  This has never been a problem on this server before.

Light-O-Rama Control Panel (64-bit)
Version 6.0.10 (BETA)
Copyright 2022 Light-O-Rama, Inc.
Pro Edition
Registered to: Jim Walls

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Essentials 64-bit
Intel® Xeon® CPU   L5520 @ 2.27GHz
Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

This data added by memory since the server is currently rebooting:

C:\ (where the programs are loaded) = 500 GB SSD ( 2 disks in a RAID 1 configuration) with about 420 GB free space.

D:\ (where the data files are stored) = 3 TB spinning disk ( 4 disks in a RAID 5 configuration) with just over 2 TB free space.

System RAM = 48 GB with about 9 GB in use when I looked this morning.


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Server reboot completed, so here are links to the Windows Explorer error message, and the player logs from yesterday and this morning (warning, they are long - quarter million lines for the first one and 379K lines for the second one).





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Actually, not complicated. There is a simple bug preventing shows from playing back to back. If you will schedule the second show at 11:01, it should work. We'll get this fixed ASAP.

Thanks for reporting the issue!

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That hopefully was simple!  I have adjusted both the weekend and weeknight overnight shows to start one minute after the evening show schedule ends.  Here's one question.  Because the evening show is a musical show (although the music is 4 minutes of silence), the actual shutdown time will vary from (in the case of a weekend) from 23:00:00 - 23:03:59 depending on when the last 4 minute sequence started, does the overnight show need to start after the actual end of the evening show, or only later than the scheduled end time of the evening show?

Although you likely know this, but this was a definite change with 6.0.10 - did not exist in any of the previous beta versions.

If you don't mind giving a little explanation, how was it screwing up the computer so badly?


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Confirmed.  The workaround of changing the start time of the overnight show one minute after the scheduled end of the evening show worked.  Also, my question about schedule end time of the evening show vs actual end time got answered.  Last  night, the evening show was scheduled to end at 23:00:00.  The last musical sequence started at 22:59:15 and ran until 23:03:15, and then the shutdown sequence ran till 23:03:26.  Immediately thereafter, the overnight show started.  It all ran properly.  I am going to start a separate thread with some questions about stuff that showed up in the player log that may very well have been correct, but were rather odd.


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Confirmed fixed in 6.0.12

Removed the 1 minute gap that was the workaround required in 6.0.10.  Evening and overnight show played correctly last night with no gap in the schedule.

Thanks Matt!


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