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Weird Problem

Michael Bryant

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Hey guys I have a last minute problem with a Lor1 version 1.6.1 sequence. I'm running Showtime units daisy chaining in this order 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 13 - 9 - 10 -11 - 12. When I went to test my display hookup using sequence editor, older sequences of last year run fine and were using Showtime box 6. But when I run a new sequence for this year ( this is the only sequence that uses box 13 ) lights that were turned ON by box 13 do not turn off. Box 6 lights also stay ON when using this sequence. I changed out box 13 with another box, same problem. I broke the daisy chain at box 6 output and run the sequence from this point, box 13 lights performed correctly. Hooked cat5 back to box 6 output and removed box 6 input cat 5 and plugged in my laptop at that point. Run the sequence and again the lights stay ON, on both boxes. Replaced box 6 with even another box, and still the problem exist. Took the two removed boxes into the house and bench tested them with the same sequence, and it run fine. Note also when I was breaking the daisy chain, boxes 9 -10 - 11 & 12 were still in the daisy chain during all tests.
Sorry to be so wordy but I wanted you to have all the info possible, because I only type with one finger and didn't want alot of questions to answer. Hope you guys can solve this problem.


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chartrand wrote:

Try and have your communication wire away from any of the power cables and see if that helps.

I'm open for any suggestion at this time and will try that tomorrow. I ask Dan a long time ago about exiting the house with my cat5 next to my main power cable and he said there wouldn't be a problem.

Thanks Michael
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