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wierd Time shift Issue using Play range


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Ok so im editing a track using an MP3 with 320 K contant bit rate.. and attempting to use the play range visible screen option... ok so I start the song at the beginning... add some ligts, timings look great.. so then I move the screen over to the right a few "bars" and start the song again.. and wait a minute I couldve sworn I had the red lights coming on at the last beat in the measure but now the music is 2 bars or events later than it was.. drag the screen back and all is fine...

close reopen the software, set play range visible screen.. same thing... its wierd but potentially disastrous...

so I once again checked the MP3, constant bitrate, 320k.. so I re-encoded it to 160k, and it looks like its better. but surely this has got me the jitters because I hope my whoe week's worth of work isnt a mess..

(yeah I know I had a whole year to sequence my show and im doing it in a week... its that thing called work....)

oh im running 2.0.16 version...

anyone ever seen anything similar? is 320k just too much for the software to take?


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Try to do your sequencing in wav format. The issue your having has to do with windows media player not being able to truely determine where to start playing in the mp3 file. Dan has provided a much better explanation in the past. However that is it in a nutshell.


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