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How to convert xLights .xsq file to LOR


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Hi All, 

Has anyone found a way to convert an xLights .xsq to any form of LOR file? I've watched videos of converting to .lms but in the 2022 version of xLights and even older verions i do not see an option in the convert field which would allow you to convert from a .xsq file to anything else. I am really confused, I am assuming .xsq is the standard xLights file so that should be an option in the convert from list but its not.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


(xLights is ughhh! smh)

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You can only convert a .fseq file. You should be able to generate a .fseq file from the .xsq file unless you received that file from someone else and don't have the original preview.

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