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Bug Report (Advanced Tools_Insert At Sound Level)


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When using the Advanced Tools_Insert At Sound Level, if you select a whole row you get an entirely different lighting effect that is much lower in intensity and selective on the sound that the tool picks up. But, If you select a section of a row, you get a much better definition and intensity in the lighting. Specifically I am using the effect for building a sequence for CF50 floods in RGB.


Compare CF08 row, done by selection small sections and using Insert at Sound level, to CF09 row, done by selecting whole role and applying tool. Major difference in outcome.

Tried to attach sequence but would not let me due to size. Screen shot attached instead.

Ignore manually entered blocks where the color changes to purple done manually.


Beta V6.0.6 Pro, Windows 10, Dell Inspiron 7506 2in1



bug report Advance tools Insert at sound level.PNG

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