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How do I mount props on my roof?


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I have seen several videos where props are mounted on the roof.  How is this done without damaging shingles?  How is it tied down so that wind does not knock the props over?  Any thoughts and advice would be very appreciated.  I have been a LOR user for about 5 years.  I would like to mount the singing faces on a roof (1st story) that is over my front porch and garage.

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i don't know about singing faces but i have a plywood hope sign and a wire angel what i did was cut a 2x4 on the angle of the roof then screwed a couple pieces of plywood on that so they would rest on the roof and the 2x4 would go straight up and down.  then i screwed my sign to it.  similar thing with the angel but i had to weight it with cinder-blocks and tie it to the eve because it was so top heavy.  most things you can just make a base that sits on your shingles and mounts off of that.

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I have a 4-foot mini tree on the peak of my roof. I built the base out of wood, with vertical members that slant to fit on the metal shingles. I put a sandbag at the base to hold it down.

Tip 1: Make sure your prop has a low wind load. That means use a wireframe instead of a cardboard sheet with holes.

Tip 2: Sandbags will allow the prop to give some in a high wind, then come back down. Clamps, on the other hand, won't give and may just snap off or break.

Tip 3: Make your base as large as possible to spread out the load, and shift the weight to the bottom.

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