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Boscoyo Fan Matrix - Text not showing properly on the upper arch

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Using S5.6.8 Pro  /  Has anyone been successful in displaying text on the upper arch of the Boscoyo Fan Matrix?  The Member prop of the ARCH UPPER ALL consist of the top seven rows and the intent is you can scroll text across it.  However while the pixels are selected in the ME submodels the display does not represent text along the arch.  Instead it displays it straight across the whole prop not following the natural arch of the lights.  I have played with the FONT style and size to no avail,  I am sure I am missing something simple.  Suggestions?  I attached two pictures. (Pic 1 shows the ME setup and pic 2 show the output in Sequencer)

Thank you for help.


Fan - Upper ARCH.PNG

View of the OUTPUT.PNG

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The Motion effects are loaded when you download the prop.  The particular ME I was trying to work with is the ARCH UPPER ALL section.  I will take a snapshot later tonight, but each ME is set to a part of the ARCH Matrix(spokes, arms, arches etc.) in the custom light placement section.  The upper all is the top of the prop and consist of pixels that are in the Arch 12- Arch 18 sections. So when you say how are they setup is this what you are looking for? 

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I downloaded the fan and made an attempt to run text on it and I had the same issue. I think I know what you want the text to do. If you want the text to leap across the arches then you are going to have to create a 2 piece prop. make the top prop portion a rectangle Matrix that is 65x7 pixels ( the outer arches in the prop.). Then create the lower fan section as a separate prop. In doing this when you run text over the Preview it will be a rectangle Matrix but when you play it in the show it will leap across the physical prop. The problem here is that there is no way currently that I have found that will allow you to use the Motion effect row that are in the prop definition from Boscoyo to make the text leap across the outer 7 arches in a matrix format. the current Text Motion effects will move the text across the arches in a horizonal effect and that will lead to the text being non readable. Some of you more seasoned guys may know a better way but I can't find one. Good luck

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