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Test went OK

Westport Lights

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We got everything hooked up yesterday, so in excitement, I decided to run a test. I was so excited that it took me about 2 songs to realize that the lights on the roof weren't even working.

After I saw that, I started noticing more. I had one of the two arches wired completely backwards. That was an easy fix. Plug arch channel 1 into 7, 2 into 6, etc.

Then, I saw another set of lights out, the lights around the base of my 10' tree. Then a few lights on my wireframe star went out. And now my Seasons Greetings sign only says "reetings"

I'm glad I decided to test it. That would've been a bummer if it happened on opening night.

I just hope I can fix it all before Thanksgiving.

**NOTE** All of the LEDs worked fine.

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My first test was fine too Son -in _law said ya shoulda seen my face grinnin from ear to ear had a few bugs to work out wrong channel assignment was thie biggest error one channel kicks breaker luckily it was for my rudolf he was just a fill in any way Fri night count down started YIPPEE

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