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BUG report s6 app control


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Been playing with the phone app.  multiple issues.  BTW love this add on.  

1. cues are not showing on phone only current playing song.  

2. control panel keeps crashing when trying to pause from app

3. can not change song from app du to now sequences not showing up. 

4. upon crash or control panel close user has to reload saved cue.  (does no auto load saved cues.) this is bad during a show time

5. no show control on app. 

6. Scheduled show not showing in app. 


software: using S6 Beta 

Phone: android Samsung s21 ultra

OS: windows 10 

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The latest version of the app now implements the Live Player (cue list) functions. You should be able to view, play, and stop any cue in your cue list. You can also switch between the Live Player and Show Control modes from the app. The scheduled shows and show control bugs (5 & 6) should have also been fixed.

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