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Adding DMX controller to LOR


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I am trying to add a Hanson DMX36 controller to LOR Advanced,  I have configured the network preferences to the LOR usb485 adaptor open DMX raw I am daisy chaining from  through two LOR controlled controllers with a cross over cable to the DMX controller. I have also set some channels in the preview to DMX protocols

The DMX36 controller appears to be receiving Data packets  as the data light is flashing.  

Any advise would be appreciated, I am new to the DMX Universe so please keep any advice in layman terms 


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Just to confirm, you are using only oneUSB485 adapter that has been configured as a single DMX universe.  That is connected to two LOR controllers and last in the chain is the Hansen controller.  So you are intending to operate the LOR controllers in DMX mode.  Is all that correct?

If the above is correct, did you set the correct DMS start channels for the LOR and Hansen controllers and are the LOR controllers showing solid status light and responding to DMX commands?


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I am new to this, I have one usb485 to two LOR controllers daisy chained together can i daisy  chain the DMX controller off the LOR controller with a cross over cable

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I have set up a USB Hub for both LOR Controllers and DMX controller, and intend to use two Dongles one for LOR USB 485 and one for a DMX dongle  at this stage i just want to get the DMX Controller operating on its own

The DMX36 is receiving data from LOR using the LOR USB485 with a cross over cable when a sequence is run in the sequencer the lights set to universe 1 with channels assigned in the sequence on do not turn on to me everything looks correct is there something else i should be looking at?

Is it possible to run LOR Controllers at the same time as DMX Controllers or does everything have to be set to DMX  

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When you run the sequencer, make sure it shows your correct license level (Advanced) on the title bar.

Also make sure the Sequencer is running with "Control Lights" enabled.

When you have both LOR and DMX networks connected, are the LOR controllers working properly on the LOR network?

Show us a screenshot of your network preferences dialog.

Show us a screenshot of the Prop Definition dialog from your Preview.

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