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Can we delete old playback files?

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Thanks Phil. I assumed that was the case but rather than mess up, thought I would toss it out there.

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Here's an interesting tidbit regarding those files AND anyone who moves LOR to a new computer. I discovered that if any of the playback files are dated newer than the "current
 version of your "Preview", playback will fail in the show mode. Suggestion is that for moving to a new machine, copying all the files is fine but...delete everything in the playback file directory first. Then go through each and every sequence, saving it using the newest version of your preview. Then when you go into the show mode the first time, it'll automatically create the files needed. One more thing discovered, if those same files have newer or higher preview version numbers, this will also mess up the Sequencer Compressor software even if run separately.

I learn through my errors and hoping someone else might be saved the same headaches.

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