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Northeast Connecticut and have extra Christmas LEDs and Yard Items


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I have ~200K LEDs (70,000 new) that I will be downsizing some of them, also have ornaments, and other features that I am going to get rid of.


Just moved from midwest to the Quiet Corner of CT (Northeast corner....3 miles from Rhode Island, 15 miles South of Mass).

Still doing a show, but Yard went from 5.3 acres to 0.7 acres...and lots more snow!! 


Is there anyone in the area interested in picking up and putting to use? I do not want to ship them, too many hours at work and sorting as it is. :-)

I am going to be sorting through what I have and am going to let go of, in the next 2 months so want to check interest level before I find somewhere to donate or dispose of.

Will send info/pics to anyone interested, as I go through the content.


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