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Pixie16D build out kits

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Bought 3 pixie16D cards.   Can't find any information on how and what is needed to do a full build out for them in a weather proof/resistant enclosure.  I see build out kits like at Wired Watts (so I have a basic list), but they don't have any for these specific cards.   They may work for these cards, but not sure.   Anyone know of kits or at least instructions on what could be used to build out these into enclosures.

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I found the HC (GG series) enclosure price better than most places, except for sales.

I did think their ABS mounting panels a bit pricey and bought a small sheet of ABS for the price of 1

(note the inserts are different sizes. Main and door)

Here is a outside shot of my tree controller I built for 2 @ CMB24 (same size as a pixie16) and a Pixie4


Sadly, those weather400W  resistant supplies do not seem to be available. They  really left a lot of space inside (SEE next IMAGE)


Both boards use HC 3 and 4 core pigtails.  But be sure to use the ones for the strings YOU get. They are NOT interchangeable even if they look similar)

most of the cable hardware is common 3/4" or 1" electrical  You need a couple of hole saws IIRC 7/8, 1"

I use LOR Network dongles to save internal connections



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I live in Illinois so heat is not an issue. I can fit two 350w meanwell 12vdc power supplies and a Pixie16 in one CG1500 plastic enclosure. Doing 4 of them this year for a customer along with 3 Pixie8 controllers which use only one power supply.


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