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Audio motion effect

Dennis Laff

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When creating a sequence, make sure "Audio Information" is set to "Spectrogram High Res". If you had it set to "Waveform Only", you can change it later in the Sequence Information dialog.

See the "Audio Information" section on this help page: https://www1.lightorama.com/help/new_musical_sequence.htm

After changing it in the Sequence Information dialog, you will need to close the sequence and re-open it for the modified setting to take effect.


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It works like the old school graphic equalizers on a home stereo.

I managed to get it working on All I really want for Christmas. It looks good, but if you tinker with it, it will stop working for some odd reason.

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I have a dumb question.  Not a rookie with LOR, nor and I an expert.    :) 

What is the purpose of using the spectrogram?  I will have to check, I think my sequences have all been set to audio file only.

Thanks for the reply and greetings from North Pole, Alaska


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