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Dennis Laff

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In S5 is there a way combine all the sequences in the show into one continuous sequence, so sequences flow from one into the next with no hesitation between sequences?

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Only by creating one long audio file and a lot of copy and paste. Very tedious to do and one glitch kills the entire sequence.

There should not be more than a second or so, max, between songs if your settings are correct. 

Use compressed sequences.

Turn off load all sequences before any are played.

Make sure the playback files are all created before the first run of the show.

If there is a lot of silence at the start or end, edit that out.

I have almost 60 sequences in the show, and some of those are 10 mins plus and I never see more than a second between songs.

S6  is imminent and sounds like it has changes to the show player, so that may be worth waiting for 


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