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Lost preview nightmare

Sam house

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I had a buddy try and clean up and backup my computer. In the process somehow my preview is gone.  Some older ones I had played with our still there but the oboe I was actually using is MIA. I tried to restore the computer to its previous state but didn’t have much luck. Everything else seems there. My schedule, show etc.   will my show still play wo having this preview?  Do I need to start over and make a new one?  Any Thoughts, ideas would be appreciated 

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Firstly, the usual lecture about backing up. Copy the contents of your LOR folder in your documents folder.....somewhere. External drive Flash drive, cloud storage, anything.

That said. Look in username\doccuments\light o rama\commondata.

The previews are stored in LOR previews.xml. LOR also makes a backup of the file with a .bak extension added.

Rename the original just in case it has something useful inside, then remove the .bak extension from the backup if your friend didn't clean that up too, and open Sequencer. Look in the previews tab and cross your fingers.

Option two is to open a sequence which references the missing preview, and LOR should offer to make one from the sequence. Use a sequence that you haven't touched since the clean up.

It will name the new preview with the name of the sequence which you can rename if you want.

When you get recovered export the good preview using the export command and it will save to to the import export folder.

As you have found out your preview is a critical file so file management and backup is essential.


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Thanks for the info Phil. We’ve been in the process of buying a vacation property so I haven’t had time yet to lay with this but I will soon. Appreciate the help


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