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Using a TV instead of P5/P10


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Has anyone used a TV with LOR in there show? I am thinking about getting some P5or P10 panels, but i know it will cost $1000-$3000 depending how big i go, plus casing. If i could use used TVs off marketplace or bestbuy openbox, I could get a 65" for $100-200 bucks. 

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People use projectors from their PC's all the time. A TV is no different and can use the HDMI out from the PC. That assumes you just want video clips or movies. Patterns and text from LOR itself are another matter and I defer to those who may have done it but it is more difficult if not impossible.

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You could use a TV instead of P5/10 panels..

Assuming you want to be able to actually sequence it with the rest of your show, and do more than just a video file.

Just get a raspberry pi install Falcon pi player and configure the HDMI out on it as a "virtual matrix" using FPP.

Then what you can do is send E1.31 data to the pi, using it like a bridge and it will be output over the hdmi.

One thing to keep in mind (at least last I knew) was that they typically recommend not going over 720x480 in resolution when defining the matrix as that is 345600 channels.

So you likely won't use the full resolution of the TV, due to the very high channel counts.

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