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2022 VCS (Virtual Christmas Summit) May 21, 2022

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The Biggest Virtual Christmas Lighting Conference 

2022 Virtual Christmas Summit

Join us May 21st, 2022 for the 3rd Annual Virtual Christmas Summit. Class registration information will be released soon. 

If you are interested in presenting in the LOR room, reach out to Aubrey or Myself, on FB or private message here.

If you have ideas for topics, lets here them, as we are working to finalize all the class offerings now.

See ya on the 21st.

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After many discussions and careful consideration, it was decided to put VCS on hold for this year.  This was a tough decision to make.  
With life getting back to somewhat normal, and many family events and activities happening, along with the many Christmas and Halloween events coming back this year, many who have been committed to bringing you VCS for the past 2 years were not able to commit 100% to bringing this back to you this year.  
We are however looking at alternative ways to bring you the educational content as we have allot of great topics to share with you. 
In addition to all of the presenters and sponsors who stepped up to support us this year. we would like to thank the following for working on the planning up to this point: 
Ed Smith, Aubrey Kall, Jonathan DePlance, Jorden Nash, Keith Peffer, Ken McMaster, Nuno Fernandes, Russell McFarland, Scott Hanson, and Tom Stallings.  
We would also like to express our appreciation to those who have joined us the past 2 years... 
We would also like to remind you to take advantage of the many Christmas and other related events which take place throughout the year. 


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