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Would it be possible to add Scaling or Grid Lines as an option in the Preview View - thus able to align Props, Better...

Reason being - when using Motion Effects - Set to Preview - My Roof Peak in the preview (Up - Down Curtain) is not the lights or location as on the actual house.. Nor the same on (left to Right Curtain) on other vertical props..

So I am trying to Scale or Shift the props in my Preview...

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Would allowing you to specify an X by Y grid as a background be sufficient? Or are you expecting to be able to drag the grid lines?

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Just Specify an X by Y Grid pattern (Grid Scale)

Also - I created a Custom Prop - when defining Motion Effect Row, if you select "None or Rectangle" you can still view the Bulb Placements (Gray Dots) in view window.. BUT, if you select custom those Bulb Dot turn black - and hard to see the Bulbs to select due to the lack of contrast

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