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Original CTB08 Board

Justin Mahood

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I would like to say it is nice to be back. After taking a break from the world of exterior Holiday Illumination, I have decided to once again deck the halls and create magic for the local children. However that brings me to the second part.

I have one of the original CTB08 Boards (the ones with the two angled Cat5 jacks on the side). I purchased this board the day after Dan started selling LOR. When I connect the board the computer (using the USB485B adapter and LOR II) the computer will not recognize the controller. The LED indicator goes steady so the controller recognizes the computer, but the hardware utility (v2.0.16) will not recognize the board. I am trying to change the unit ID, but have no control over the board. When I connect one of my new CTB08D boards the computer recognizes it right away and I can control the board.

If I remember correctly from my days back at the PC Chat room. when LOR II was first being conceived, there was some talk about having to replace some chips on the older boards. I don't know if this is true, or if it is just a problem with my board.

Thanks, Justin

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I would give it a shot to assign an ID to this board by having it be the only one connected and select the option on which ID to change ANY and then the desired ID.

I remember Tim Fisher speaking of conditions where the ID could be wiped out.


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If what chuck has recomended wont work, you can try renaming the Backup files that LORII probably made. See this thread http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/view_topic.php?id=17460&forum_id=72&highlight=bak

Also read somewhere in another thread that a user was having problems renaming a file in VISTA. Remember to tell windows explorer to show known file extensions, and change it from"YourFileName.lms.bak or YourFileName.bak" to "YourFileName.lms" I probably would give it an entirely new name like "YourFileNameLOR1.lms"


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