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Did anyone else overbuy for this year?


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I have a case of 9' extension cords(70 to a case btw), about twenty-five 25' 16AWG outdoor extension cords, ten 50' 12AWG extension cords, ten 50' 14AWG extension cords, 50 strobes(which I still might use ~10 or so of), 1000' of 16AWG copper, 1500' of SPT1 zip cord.

Anybody see a pattern? I guess I took to heart the noobie warning of not having enough extension cords. I bought all of them on good sales so I'm not out anything even if/when copper comes back down but I'm a little disappointed that I didn't put some of that money towards more lights... you can never have too many lights imho. :(

So, did anybody else overbuy?


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Yeah, I have Extension-i-tis. I seem to keep buying extension cords as well.
I have a spool of SPT1 cord and some ends I just haven't had the time this year to make my extension cords so I just rush out and buy them when they are 50% off.


I did buy a bunch more lights this year but, it was mostly because other ones failed or were just getting tired...


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Now that is a good idea! :P

And those strobes are no longer spare. Strung them up in the mega-tree and I just can't get over how awesome they look. And to think I wasn't going to bother this year. :shock:

Happy Thanksgiving All!

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Robin wrote:

Keep your cords.
You will need them, believe me.
This year I will use about six miles of cords so if you just want to give yours away I will take them all.

I'm with Robin here.
No such thing as overbuying.
When rabbits chew cords, bulbs die, or triacs fail, its ALWAYS nice to have some spares.
When the cars ore lined up, and something is broken, its ALWAYS easier to replace something than to repair it.

... just ask Robin to show his stash of spare lights!
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It is always nice to have a few extra if you can keep them. You never know when you might need something.

Oh and as far as lights go when I can buy them for a quarter a box then load me up baby!

Last year I got a call from one of my contacts at a HD and he said they found a pallet of those cord sets. You know the 15, 9, 6 foot ones. They were a dollar a package. I bought 144 packages. Right now I a dozen 15 left, four dozen 9 and no 6's.

Or the time he called me about these heavy in line cords. They were normally $29 and had been discontinued. But someone ordered more!!! So they sold them for $5 and I bought six. Still have not used them but they sure are nice! LOL

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evana wrote:

robin shipping is the problem. gave a few to johnnychristmas only because I was working near his house.

thanks for those btw...finished wiring up my place 45 minutes before the lights went on tonight and SOMEHOW i have extra cords when last year i BARELY had enough...have NO idea how that happened with 20k more lights but...que sera sera (sp?)

now to sequence the 32 extra channels i bought this year...ugh

good thing i got laid off tuesday...plenty of time to sequence now lol
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