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Want to move to S5? Want help?


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The latest version of the LOR Software, S5, has been released since at least August of 2018. Despite what some may say, it's actually a very good piece of software.

If you are still running S4 and want to migrate to S5, then I'd like to talk to you. I'm looking for someone who is running S4 and meets at least one of the following parameters:

  • You have at least one Cosmic Color Device (Ribbon, Flood, Pixels) in your programming.
  • You programmed parts (but not all) of your display using the Pixel Editor.
  • You programmed parts (but not all) of your display using the Superstar Editor.
  • You have at least two networks (REG, AuxA, etc.) in your display.
  • You have a fairly detailed Visualizer set with your display.

Again, you only need to meet ONE of the above parameters. If you have a set that you feel would qualify, please contact me via DM ONLY here on the forums and let me know. If your display meets the parameters, I'll be using your display (with your permission, of course) to put together a detailed tutorial on how to convert to S5. Of course since you are providing the base material, your display would already be converted for you.

**S5 is applicable to both Pixel and AC channel programming. Everyone who is using S4 would benefit in using S5. I need a 'complicated' configuration to highlight as many aspects as possible of the conversion.

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Anyone using PE in S4 really has a great start to S5.

I found out through helping others that I was able to navigate PE like a pro after using S5.

I used PE twice- just in case anyone thinks I was good with PE.

S5 is great, I have helped the majority of my friend migrate over and all said “why I didn’t ask them before”.


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