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I do all of my sequencing on one computer and use another for running the show as to not interrupt the show while it's running.
I've been copying over some files manually but I have to work through a bunch of errors each time.
Is there a graceful way to do this? What files and or folders do I need to copy over each time for revised and new sequences to work? I remember seeing this written out for older versions but not for S5.

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Here is my solution - not everyone can do this.  Here at home, I have three computers that have LOR installed - this one is where I do most of my sequencing, and in the data cabinet is my dedicated show computer and my file server.  The file server runs the year round landscape lighting show, and the show computer runs the Halloween and Christmas shows.  All three computers have a mapped network drive of L:\ that is really D:\Shared\LOR on the file server.  All three computers have the LOR files in L:\ - which means that they are really looking at the same file locations on the server.  What all that means is that any change I make on any of the computers is seen by all three.

Granted, I am doing this on a file server that runs 24 x 7 - something most people do not have.  If you have a computer that runs 24 x 7, you can do this without having a file server.  Let the network do the work.


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LOR sets the default directory to "My Documents\Light-O-Rama". This can be a problem between computers, because "My Documents" as really an alias for something like "C:\Users\Mikey\Documents". If your username on the other computer is different, then the directory will be different.

On each computer where I have LOR installed, I created a directory named C:\Light-O-Rama. I set the LOR directory to this on each system. I can copy files from the C:\Light-O-Rama\Sequences directory between each computer without any errors.

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