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Lights not coming on


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Last night we had a snowstorm and now my lights will not come on.  The code on my controller is saying l 36 and l39 and I can’t find what they mean, any ideas?  Thank

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24 minutes ago, Mr. P said:

Please describe your setup, we have no idea what you are working with. Details, details, details.

My software seems fine the sequence is playing but the lights are not on.  Basic licensing / 16 Ch

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Angela, you are practically forcing us to extract information bit by bit.  If you want help from the forum members, please do your part.  Tell us in detail what controllers you are using, what controller IDs are being used, how things are networked, what indications you get both on controllers and the show computer.  What results you get or what error indications you are getting.  You need to be our eyes.  Without you telling or showing us what is happening, we can only guess.  Also, if we ask a specific question, please answer with a specific answer.  If one of use asked a question, there was a reason.

There are a number of us that are quite willing to help, but we can't do it without your cooperation.


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A Pro is a 16xx something.

Since it stopped working after a storm

If it was buried did the power switch get turned off?

Did the snow mess up a data cable ?

Did the snow mess up an extension cord?

Lots of possibilities.


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I know I'm late to the party but....tripped GFCI?

I JUST ran into this. Saturday night, we had wind gusts up to 50 and some VERY heavy rain. Fortunately, Sunday morning, everything was still upright! SO, I let the show start Sunday night. Everything I could see out the window seemed  fine. Then later in the evening I went to take the trash out and realized I had half of an AC Gen3 controller totally out. I spread all my controllers across 4 separate circuits. So, first I checked the breakers in the subpanel. ALL ON. I walked around to check out the rest of the yard and noticed that my new-to-me CMB was out and a few other lights connected to another AC Gen 3 were, too.  So I started looking at the GFCIs and, sure enough one was tripped. The original problem controller came back on. The others were still out until I remembered that the CMB is plugged into the same circuit as the nearby AC GEN3. A little more looking at the GFCIs and I found that a second had tripped as well.  Reset it and all is good.

Given the things that were out across three controllers had me REALLY nervous for a while. I have a backup CMB and an AC GEN 3. I would have been in trouble if TWO GEN 3s went out.


I hope the OP responds with either a solution or more answers and detail so we can help  out.

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