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Ports freezing on Pixie16 (Software or Hardware issue)


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Hi, i am not sure if this is a hardware or software issue. I placed it in the software section because of the following.

I am having an issue with a couple of ports on two different Pixie16’s. During the playback of a Sequence I have a port on each controller that will freeze with the string stuck on  They will be stuck on an almost all white condition. They both get stuck on the same color and at the same time in the sequence every time. Since it happens at the same time I assumed that maybe there was something wrong in the file when it was written to the show director. I am using the uMP3g3 miniDirector. I watched my show and saw where the strings got stuck, went into Sequencer, deleted the effect, save the sequence, recreated the effect, saved the sequence and then created a new SD card. This time the strings did not get stuck. So I thought OK I got this fixed. The next sequence I created had the same two ports freeze with the same color. I did the same as before and deleted the effect and recreated it, made a new SD card and this time it did not fix the problem. I have made a few more sequences and each one there will be a place in the sequence that the same two ports will freeze. I have been able to “fix” some of the sequences by deleting and recreating the effect but the odds are it wont “fix” the issue.

Also, once the string gets stuck on, it will stay that way until i cycle power to the controller. The show can play over and over for hours and the strings will just stay stuck on.

One is port 7 on Pixie16 unit ID 22 and the other is port 15 on Pixie16 unit ID 32. Both of these ports only have a factory made 10 foot extension cable connected to a RGB 5x20 Icicle. I have 16 of the icicle strings spread over the two controllers. These are the only two giving me trouble.

Both controllers are new for this year. Bought them in the last 3 months.

When a string gets “stuck” does that mean it is just holding the last data that it received?

If the smarter people in the forum thinks this is hardware I will gladly post this in the Pixie forum. Honestly I could go either way.

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Has it been raining. I had a lot of issues with some icicle pixels with water intrusion last year. After they dried out, they were fine until the next rain.

Drove me crazy chasing bad pixels before i figured it out. 

Just a thought.

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It was doing this before it rained. It hasn’t rained in several days. I disconnected from the green plug on the controller and remade that connection. Also I unscrewed the extension connections and made sure they were clean and dry. If I have time today I may replace one of the extension cables to see if anything changes. 

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Check for a jumper on JP5 (remove) or if you are running at 1000K and have other non pixie controller on the newtork. Alos the Logical Resolution of anything other than 50 will cause similar issues as well as a bad connection at the green terminal lug or bad cat5 cable or data port. Long list to check.


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