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NEED HELP with rgb 30 channel control boxes


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 i have 2 30 channel holidaycoro dumb rgb control boxes. last year i was using S4 and everything worked fine. this year I switched to S5 and got everything working except those rgb boxes. also i left my show computer virgin. meaning it is still S4 from last year i did not alter anything. i can plug my entire lor network and my 1.31 network to either computer and everything works as should be minus the rgb boxes set to universe 8. to be clear i need to test the output from computer to box. i used xlights years ago but had no need since. i tried today and the program on my old laptop just keeps crashing. i tried loading up a new xlight on my S5 computer but i dont understand how to use it just to do a simple output test. is anyone familiar with using a holidaycoro alphapix4 rs485 output to a holidaycoro 30 channel rgb box. i know this is lightorama but i am desperate. holidaycoro gave up on me and said they cannot help me. And of course my show was supposed to be up and running on blackfriday. any help would be appreciated thanks in advance for any help

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Just to confirm, you are outputting E1.31 from the show computer to an Alphapix 4 E1.31 controller and then having the Alphapix export DMX over RS-485 to the two dumb RGB controllers.  Is that correct?

If you are trying to play S5 sequences on a S4 show computer, that is not going to work.

I know how E1.31 works but nothing specific about the Alphapix controllers.  At least on most of the older DMX controllers, you use a set of DIP switches to set the starting address for that controller.  And with most E1.31 controllers, you can assign one or more DMX universes to output on one or more RS-485 ports (one universe per port).  Beyond those generalities, I can't give any further assistance with the hardware that you have.


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ok so i did find my mistake, it was in my network settings for some stupid reason i did not setup my universe 9 to any ip address i did setup 1-8 but missed that one. but thanks for the reply. now all i have to do i write some sequences and make a show. lot to do still.

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