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Another Brain Freeze


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Is there another thread somewhere that collects these types of issues? Someplace where people can post the mistakes they've made, posted a question (or questions) about some weird thing that apparently no one else has ever experienced, only to realize it was really something simple? I'm thinking posting the question and the solution you found. I realize this is likely to lead to some all in good fun, shall we say, "ribbing," but I can take it. Can you?

And I'll go first.


I recently posted about some weirdness in HU not recognizing a controller on my ELL network, and that my recently installed CMB controller quit working the first night of the show. I ran a demo for some family on Thanksgiving night and everything worked great.  I run an All On static show before the musical sequences and everything looked good during the All On. I went out after the musical sequences started to check everything out and the CMB and one other channel on an AC controller were not working at all. So Saturday I ran HU test and everything lit up. Even the controller on the ELL. Saturday night I went out a couple of minutes before the All On ended and the musical sequences started. Everything looked good, that is, until the musical sequences started. Immediately, the CMB and the one channel are dead.

Boneheaded (or Brain Freeze, if you prefer) Solution:

I go inside and open up the Show Editor. What to my wondering eyes should appear? I added the 2020 VERSION OF EVERY SINGLE SEQUENCE to the 2021 shows! Even though I name sequences beginning with the year!. And to further confuse things,  I used the 2021 sequences in my Demo show for Family. so it all worked fine. And I updated the All On sequence with the 2021 Preview and channel config, so everything lit up fine for that one, too.

MUCH salty language has been averted!     

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I have now standardized WHERE controllers go (assumes mostly the same props, Ports).  Cuts down on WTH is goin' on. (still did not fix other dumb moves on my part for new stuff, but older stuff usually just cut'n'paste)

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