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SSS Sequencing Grid messed up with new singing trees


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Hi folks


Running SSS v5.6.6 here.

Last year I had 2 singing trees and all was well with the world. This year, I added the other 2 singing trees and I am having a tough time getting them to work with SSS. 

As best I can describe my error it's like this:

With my original trees the sequencing grid is one vertical stack with each box representing one of the predefined pixel groups on the tree. Easy

With the new trees the sequencing grid is three vertical stacks with some boxes that do nothing, some that do something and some of the pixel groups (e.g. mouth half open) not even represented. 

Can anyone help me get the sequencing grid right for these two new trees?





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OK - so I'm dumb. This was easy. 

Leaving this here in case anyone else is trying to do this and has the same issue.

The vertical stack is tied to the arrangement of the prop group in the sequence preview.

Change that to "vertical" and order is restored in the Christmas Tree Kingdom.



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