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Lots of sequence errors reported by my SanDevice controllers and I see flicker in almost all my pixel props

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Seems that I am getting alot of errors reported on my SanDevices E682's and 6804's.

My setup is several of each connected to 1 router connected to show computer. All props are connected to same router.

TraceRt shows 1 ms response to all controllers and show computer has a gigabyte network connection. Traffic is topping out at 22Mps. 

Show computer is running at less than 20% processing.

multiple people can see flicker off and on in the various props.

props have a combo of WS2801 and WS2811 12v pixels not from same batch or vendors.

This is an example of a E682 report:

Packets Received 0 622399 619332 619464 617514 621091 618187     622969 588229 0 0 0
Sequence Errors 0 99893 99882 99267 99909 99640 99744     99774 99807 0 0 0
Invalid Packets 0 0 0 0 0 0 0     0 0 0 0 0
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Usually that is a result of two things trying to send packets at the same time to the E1.31 controller.


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You may want to check your sequences to see if more than one prop is mapped to the same universe/pixel group.

May also want to check the SanDevices to see if the same Universes are defined across multiple boards.

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55 minutes ago, dgrant said:

Are you trying to run both the HU(Hardware Utility) and the Control Panel at the same time?

You have the HU and CP running confused with the HU and SE running at the same time. CP can run all the time.

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Glad you fixed it. I remember now what I was thinking. It was a problem that I had here a couple of years ago. I had a sparkling type thing going on or rather pixels blinking out in what appeared to be a total random fashion. Turned out, it was my own fault, as usual, but I had created two overlapping shows/sequences that ran together. In this case, it was a background sequence that ran all the time and the main musical sequences in the full show. The mistake was in the background sequence, not removing all other channels that were not being used for the background only. The result was that all channels with the background sequence, not being used in the background, were being constantly turned off while at the same time, the musical sequence was turning them on. It created a glitchy effect that only appeared on any and all LED type strings, pixels and props. Incans were too slow for it to become obvious.

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