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gen 3 controller wont work right as controller 1

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i have the pro series controllers...im set up as a 128 channel show , different places in my yard have different effects...in setting it up this year the way i am going to have 4 controller 1s and 3 controller 2s, 2 controller 3, 1 controller 4 and 1 controller 6 for a total of 11 controllers...on 1 of the controller 1s the lights come on but dont act as they should...if i change the controller to another controller number it seems to work as it should...i pulled a brand new one out of the box and it does the same thing...why? set up is all hard wired as well 

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Do all the Controller 1's check out INDIVIDUALLY with HU?

There may be a bad ID switch, where another bit is stuck (and your test ID used that bit)

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Why repeating unit IDs? 

To easy to copy paste sequencing and have separate unit ID's. 

The HU will only find one unit connected to the same Comm port if more than 1 shares a unit ID. The sequencer may give you headaches as well.


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