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Brand New - Trying to Figure out Motion Pixel Tree in S5


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Hello All.  I have already found some really good help in this forum so I appreciate all the expertise and willingness to assist.  I have multiple issues since this is my very first year.  So far, slowly but surely, I am able to figure it out with YouTube and this forum.  If anybody doesn't mind, I have one that I am stuck on and wanted to see if anybody else has this issue.  I am purchasing "Ready to Go" sequences since this is my first year and I am trying to pick songs with a Pixel Tree Motion Pak option.  My first one is Michael Buble "Holy Joly Xmas".  My preview seems to work with the exception of pixie8 lights but I think that is because I need to keep messing with my prop definitions.

For the tree, I follow the directions after purchase and go to the "HUB".  I select "Scan/Apply Motion Paks" and it comes up with my motion pak (File A).  I then get a box that asks me to do it and I select "Lets do it" (File B).  I then get a message that it is cancelled (File C).  I am wondering if I am good and I don't need to do anything but when I play my preview in Sequencer, the tree simply changes solid colors every so often throughout the song.  Am I doing something wrong?  I have S5 5.6.6 Pro and I haven't plugged in the controller for the tree yet to play the song and see if it's working properly.

Any advice would be appreciated.  Let me know if you see my rookie mistake!!!  Thanks,




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