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Graphic Equalizer Light Effect

James Hill

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Hello everyone,

This year I have adventured into pixels. I have 5 mini pixel trees - each 15 pixels X 6.

Not sure where to look/search...I would like to use these as a graphic equalizer....is there an easy way to do this in S5?

I also have Superstar...but not used it enough to understand it YET!

Any help is always appreciated. Thanx.

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S5 recently made this VERY simple, and no need for SS.  I tried this feature using 6 singing bulbs as an experiment.

Set your sequence to generate the high-res spectrum, then use the spectrum motion effect laid over a prop definition that uses all 5 of your mini trees as one prop.

I am at work so do not have the specifics completely correct, so if no one responds before later tonight, I will update with the specifics.

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