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Half Pixels not displaying

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Recently upgraded to 80 CCR. My entire display is 3100 pixels. When loading into superstar it shows a portion of my pixels and the other side is missing in the grid. I tried loading an effect (shock) to go through the entire display and it won’’t display. Anything circled in red does not. Any help here?


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What version are you running? Did you get any warnings when superstar first launched?

The first thing to try is to go back to the Sequencer, In the Preview that you are using for the Motion effect row for superstar I expect you are using "Preview" for the arrangement. Try setting the resolution one notch lower and see if that helps.

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80_CCR Version 5.6.6 

I do get a window box:

channel map size exceeds 65535, setting channel map size to 65535

No clue to what the above means.

OK reducing the resolution in the preview actually worked. One wasn’t enough went to half. Ok complete newbie question what will this affect?

Also in the future when I expend left and right more am I going to see this again? If so once I set resolution to the bare minimum will that be the limits? I got neighbors who will be joining me?

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Actually, I did some testing and I think I found a bug in the code. I think I have fixed it so the resolution can go quite a bit higher. Send me an email at brian@superstarlights.com

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21 minutes ago, BrianBruderer said:

Actually, I did some testing and I think I found a bug in the code. I think I have fixed it so the resolution can go quite a bit higher. Send me an email at brian@superstarlights.com


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You obviously have the group that has your entire display in Preview arrangement mode.  My suggestion would be to redo it in a custom arrangement.  Let me start with a few screen captures.  As usual, I am going to embed the photo, and because some browsers (Chrome) won't display the images, I am including a direct link to each image.  First of all, here is the current version of my 2021 Christmas preview as seen in the Preview Editor.  I have selected a Preview Group called "Almost Everything group" that has the majority of the show in it.  The stuff that is pointed out as "Ignore these" are props that are not sequenced in SuperStar.  The MegaTree and pixel stakes don't exist, and the two large white blocks are my P5 and P10 matricies which are sequenced in Motion Effects because they are too large for my 24K channel SuperStar license.  The two singing faces I get from JR as .lms files so they just get pasted into Seqeuncer  The rest of the ignore stuff are pure static so no point in taking up channels in SuperStar.



If I were to use the "Use Preview" Arrangement for that group, it would be massive.  Instead, I am using the Custom Arrangement as shown below.  When you use the Custom Arrangement in the Preview Editor, you can exactly define where every prop will be located on the SuperStar grid.  This lets you make an efficient use of the grid and in the long run, make it far easier to use (in my opinion).  You use the Orientation, Top, and Left setting to define the location.  I will be the first one to tell, that you will have to tweek those settings quite a few times to get it neat.  The "Top" and "Left" define where the upper left corner of the prop will be on the SuperStar grid.  The "Top" is counting down rows from the top, and the "Left" is counting right from the left edge.  So my Pixel tree upper left corner is 38 rows down from the top and starts at the left edge.  Warning, this will happily pile multiple props on top of each other if that is where you tell them to be.  So yes, you will spend a while getting it exactly the way you want..  One huge advantage is that if next year you add a few things, you can again determine where to place them on the grid and (here's the important part) it won't move anything else around which can potentially mess up your sequencing.




Now when you look at Sequencer, it looks like this:



The red arrow points out the "Almost Everything group", and it has one Motion Effects row which has a single "Insert SuperStar Effect".

When I open that ME row in SuperStar, the SuperStar visualization looks exactly like the layout in the Preview Editor - obviously only with the props that are in this Preview Group:



Now looking at the SuperStar grid (which I have annotated as to what is what):



You can see that first of all, it fits in 64 rows of 150 columns which is well within the size limits in SuperStar.  When I started with SuperStar almost a decade ago you were limited to 16K boxes, however that number is larger now.  Everything is fairly easy to see and you get all the pixels on the grid - unlike doing a "Use Preview" with anything but large resolution.  I still have plenty of space for expansion on the existing grid, and can expand the grid if I need to. 

One note.  You will see that my six 50 pixel arches are shown twice (vertical stack and horizontal stack).  Brian spent far too much of his time to make that work at my request.  It does work on the lights, but not quite right in the SuperStar display.  Thank you AGAIN Brian.

I essentially taught this in the Virtual Christmas Summit earlier this year, so you can watch that video at:


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On 10/16/2021 at 6:51 PM, k6ccc said:

essentially taught this in the Virtual Christmas Summit earlier this year, so you can watch that video at:

I will need to come back to this cause it’s way to late in the game to try this. 
Anyway Brian actually did some work and now it works. 

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I have an SSEdit.exe that will display any Preview of 360x360 or less. Before, each dimension had to be 360 or less and the two dimensions multiplied had to be 16,384 or less.

I generally use combinations of vertical stack and horizontal stack for the arrangement and then you never have numbers of green squares that are more than 16,384.

But using "Use Preview" allows you to do effects on you whole display so you can do sweeps etc. across the entire display. If anyone wants the new SSEdit.exe send an email to brian@superstarlights.com

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Brian, will that be in the next release (yes, I know that won't be till after the new year)?

I'm in no hurry for it at this time.  However if you want me to test it, I am more than happy to do so.


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