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Lollipop (Spiral Wheel)


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I made 8 lollipops with a natural spiral for the 200 pixels. Using a Pixie 2 controllers I have 2 UID's defined. The firestick prop works great to control the pixels in sequential order but when I made a custom prop and placed the pixels I lose the spiral effect. Is there anyway to create a preview that mimics the actual prop and maintains the sequenced order?

2021 Preview Image Lollipop Large 200px (2).jpg

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2 hours ago, Aubrey said:

If I understand what you're asking, try using a Pinwheel or spinner effect and see if that does the trick.

That's not what I'm looking for. I'm trying to create the preview and motion effect rows for this particular display area. The effects I get with the firestick work, but It would be nice to see the lights as they actually appear. Unfortunately, with the attachment size restriction it is difficult to explain in words. I have 4 large lollipops and 4 small lollipops in this display area.

The large pinwheel contains 2 stings of 100 bullets (200 pixels). So a firestick with 2 sections of 100 bulbs gives me a motion effect with 100 pixels all in order. I have output 1 on the Pixie 2 connected to 100 bulbs (300 channels) and output 2 connected to 100 bulbs (300 channels).  The first pixel on output 1 starts in the center and spirals out 100 holes. The output of the second channel starts at hole 101 and continues to hole 200. Using the firestick defined prop, it fires the bulbs sequentially and that works great.

I have a smaller lollipop that only has 150 pixels on a Pixie 2 controller. Output 1 has he first pixel starting in the center and spirals out to hole 100. Output 2 has 50  pixels continuing the spiral to hole 150. In this case, the firestick motion does not work as expected.

I made a custom prop for each of the lollipops defining the location of each pixel in the spiral. However, the preview It is using rows and columns of the pixel and I cannot seem to figure out how to get the motion effect row that runs sequentially from pixel 1 to pixel 200 in the case of the large lollipop and form 1 to 150 on the small lollipop. This should be simple, but the thing between the chair and keyboard is struggling.

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45 minutes ago, MSB said:

Unfortunately, with the attachment size restriction it is difficult to explain in words.

Upload the photos or graphics that you want to a website and post the link.  For example, the photo below is hosted on my Google Drive space (just make sure to share the file for anyone):



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