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~ Now Sharing The Cupid Shuffle singing faces


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This is  FOR YOUR PERSONAL USE ONLY No Sharing or Selling Even if Modified. 

You must purchase the music, info below.

For your protection you must PM me your email address. This also protects me from someone asking you for my sequence.

DO NOT reply within this thread. All replies will be ignored, you will not receive the sequence.

In your PM you must type or copy from here the below statement.

"I understand that this sequence is for my personal use. I also understand that just by making changes to the sequence does not make it mine to share or sell."

Once again, do not reply within this thread. 

If my PM box is full try again later. Do not post here "your inbox is full". 


Cupid Shuffle

Album-  Time For A Change

How to copy paste:

If you have my singing face configuration it will be a simple copy paste.

If you have HC/ HS / and other singing face configuration you must copy my "Top Lip" to their "mid lip"



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