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Not sure where to ask this

Old Sarge

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I Lost everything and starting again. I was able to get many SEQ which I shared with others over the years but what I am looking for now sense I lost what I had was The faces so I can put my singing trees into my vis, a sprial tree which I can also use. Mine was 8 channel  and any other things which my help me get my visualizer file up and running. I tried making my own but its been so long I forgot how...lol

I have been gone because of a family emergency and during that time and moving a couple times had a couple computers stolen from storage.  Like I say.. What I am basically trying to find now are the Tree Faces and possibly the four monster faces that I can put in my vis file to see kinda what I am doing, and My tree is spirial with 1 1/2 or 2 wraps depending on how I set it up. I use to have the prop files etc. but they are gone with everything else.

Oh I almost forgot.. I Use just Regular Mini Lights. I do not use ccr etc...  Thank You

Thanks In Advance for whatever help you can give me.

I hate asking for so much right now as I know people are busy with the holidays right now.

Please if possible send to


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I have the trees, monsters I created and if you remember we were trying to make the Santa

I was finally able to create the LOL

Will Send them your way


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Sent Monsters, Santa and Trees.

Let me know

James can send you his spiral tree. Im not sure if I have your old Vis but when I return home tonight I will look through old emails.

I found the animator easier to use and not as laggy as the vis for faces.


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