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GE Singing Grinch Prop for LOR Pixie Series Controllers ~ Sharing

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As the subject says, this prop has been highly sought after. I took some time to create one that will work with the LOR Pixie2/4/8/16 controllers. You will have to populate the nodes in the prop exactly the way it is built or it will be worthless.

I also created two extra mouth movements to make it the typical 5 mouth movements.

If you would like it please ask.

For those of you who may be wondering or have been reading the S5 Help File to figure out how to create props for the pixie series controllers. The universe numbering system described in the help manual used in the "custom bulb placement" screen in the Prop Definition will only work if you have a pixielink and will using that in e1.31 mode to control your pixie controllers. At that point you can use the universe designations pixel 1-999 Universe 1. 1001-1999 universe 2 so on and so forth.

For pixie16 alone you must think of your prop as a straight 1-170 node strings.

It is best if you have a picture of the prop with node holes or with nodes. It helps a lot if you try to keep the node count to about 100 but 170 can be ran at a lower intensity setting. If you can number your 100 nodes as needed. For example this prop is over 270 nodes. I broke it down in to 3 groups. Right half, Left half and the Eyes, Nose, Mouths and Hearts on the final segment. You can only populate one unit ID at a time building it this way. Right half is Unit Id 1, Left Unit ID2 and the other parts  are unit ID3.

In this case three strings are used. 

In this case of custom prop creation I recommend starting a new preview for the specific prop. Once complete you can export the prop file and then import it to your good Preview

1- Open Prop Def

2- Name

3- RGB

4- Custom Node Tab

5- Add your picture to the grid. Using the grid sizing tool make the grid as large as you can remembering that you will want the node holes to be as close as possible to a grid square. Sometimes you will not get every node in a square so just get close when adding the nodes

6- Once you are ready to start placing nodes at the bottom left you will see the node count tool. You will want to use the "auto increment" tool. This will auto number the nodes consecutively as you click the mouse. You can practice this because sometimes it may skip a node. Keep an eye out for that. You can restart by erasing a mistake and resetting the numbering tool to the number that should have been. If you miss it your numbers from that point on will be wrong. It could adversely affect a prop especially a singing prop.

7- In this case I used 100 nodes for the first half so I started with 1 and ended at 100. 

8- Save the layout and you will return to the Prop Definition home page

9- On the right side select LOR for type of controller

10- Right below type of controller you will place your unit ID for the port you will use on the pixie controller, in this case it is unit ID #1

11- Ensure your network for the controller is correct

12- Once all data is correct select "save"

13- This will place the first half in the Preview Screen 

14- Grab the red tags and slide it off to the side, I do not resize it at this point

15- Use the + in the preview and select "add a custom prop" and repeat the steps above until all nodes have been assigned.

16- Now you have all 3 parts (or however many you required) in your Preview

17- For most you can simply group your prop by selecting the + and create a group from existing props and select your props to create the group

For singing props after the above steps are complete. I normally do not add ME rows to my outline, eyes, or anything other than the mouth movements

In most cases for our pixie controllers you will need to share nodes between mouth movements. This was something almost impossible to do in S4. I say almost impossible because I had some help from my friend Bob ItsMeBob here in designing my singing monster tree in S4 to share nodes in the mouth movements. Thank you to my friend.

Adding ME rows is the easiest and preferred way to create the mouth movements. You will need to add or in my case modify the ME rows. When you do this you will be able to populate the nodes the way you wish. Only the nodes in white will light on any given ME row. For this prop I started out with three Mouth ME rows. I then used various nodes to create the final two mouth movements enabling me to use all of my face sequences with this prop.

Once you think you have things set up the way you like simple test it to ensure they are lighting properly by copy/ pasting a singing face sequence.

Note it is easiest to set your colors in the donated , copied sequence first. ME rows will copy paste the colors you select. You cannot see the colors or written sequence in ME rows.

Hopefully these instructions help someone needing it. I am writing this because I helped a member a couple days trying to help him figure out what he thought was a pixie or HU/ NP problem. However it was because he read and followed the manual using the universe numbering system for his pixie controlled prop.  



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4 hours ago, interadx said:

Would love to have this...would work great in my show...what do I need to do..

PM me your email. I will try to get it to you tomorrow.

Where you at in AL?


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