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Just saw TSO in Concert!!


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WOW!!!! I have to admit the concert was pretty awesome! The 1st half was just OK (they were telling a story and I was like yada yada yada where is wizards in winter????) Then the light came up and they started chatting with the audience and talking about what happens after the show and i was thinking, WTF????Its over???

Then he said it was time to have some fun!!

They started a barrage of songs! It was like watching LOR vidoes on youtube!! only bigger and better! My wife who thinks im nuts with this LOR stuff turns to me and says, "you need fire next halloween!!!" LOL!! sweet!

Im gonna post some pics, I dont know how to do more than one at a time, so ill just post for every picture!

Read to the end of the post for a special link!! SHHHH!!! Its a secret! LOL!

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