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RGB color correction.


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Has any one found that the color pallet, when building a sequence is not even close to what comes on the lights?  While sequencing I select a color and build a sequence only to find that it doesn't come out at all.  for example i picked orange but it came our white. same with purple?  what i have found to do is go to the hardware settings and manually dial the colors in.  i set the base color then add the complementary color and calculate the number by multiplying by 2.55

what i mean:

to get orange

on the "LOR hardware"  

Red =100%
Green= 2%

100 = 255 in the color pallet
Red= 255
green= 2% X2.55= 5

in the sequencer in the color pallet put in those numbers and you will get that color.  That's a lot of work to go through and it looks like red in the color pallet. is there anything that can be done?  do i need to do a hardware compensation? i dont want to spend forever building a sequence that looks like i am color blind.

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I have also found that dialing in orange on one manufacturer's pixels will not work with the same settings on another manufacturers dumb LED strips.  This is why I experiment in the off-season.  And as many said above, your background matters.

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