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Picture Motion effect Questions

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Hi all, When you embed a picture or animated Gif to the sequence does it become part of the sequence? Can it be saved as a Motion effect so I no longer need to look for the pic or Gif files if I want to use the effect in another sequence? I'm really not that sure how or what embedding the file does. Thanks in advance. 


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Pressing the "Embed external files" button will copy all files listed in the "External picture files" section into the sequence file itself. This can make it easier to move your sequence from one computer to another -- since the images are stored inside the sequence file (.LOREDIT extension), the image files no longer need to be copied separately.


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When you open a sequence with an embedded image, it saves that image in a cache so that it sticks around even after you close the sequence. (You may need to keep the Sequencer open, however.) At this point, you can use that same image in another sequence, and it will be saved (embedded) in both sequences.

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