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Peace Stakes


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Could some please share a small section of an .lms or .las with the peace stakes bouncing.  I can't seem to get the same effect.  I only have a few pixels so I just use the sequence editor.

Thanks in advance!


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Since you are ( I assume ) on S4, Motion Effects are handled by Pixel Editor which I could never get much use from. The Implementation in S5 however is a different story and very nice to use. You can easily get complex effects such as you describe but with conventional sequencing it is more time consuming. I highly recommend S5 for pixels but now is probably a bit late in the season to be taking on new software, and there is a learning curve.

Having said that there are ways to sequence in S4 and the Chase effect is your friend. I don't have LMS files anymore so the best I can do is a screencap which may spark some ideas.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/8t4fzbmgac5mbpe/Screenshot 2021-09-13 152250.jpg?dl=0

This is not a bounce but half a bounce in the downwards direction.R1 is the bottom of the stake. The  purple row R5 is on the beat and is chased downward. If you wanted to you could chase it back up again and repeat. Time consuming but doable and you would have to play with the timing and the length of the chases to get it looking right.

Having got one stake the way you want it to look, you can copy and paste to the rest.

I also have some videos in the Christmas Display section with Peace Stakes. I use a mixture of motion effects and conventional effects.

Hope this perhaps sparks some  ideas.


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I wonder if my house bounce effect would convert in to peace stakes? I too have peace stakes and another year to learn them. I may get by with a little help from my friends. cough cough Phil. Dennis, Jim and some others.


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